10 “Day-Hiker” Essentials

  1. Daypack/Backpack & Trekking poles
  2. Knife or Multipurpose Tool
  3. Compass, Map, Pen and Paper
  4. Safety Items – Waterproof matches/lighter/flint device/fire starter; Whistle; Signaling mirror; Duct Tape; Nylon cord; Flashlight; Bear Bell
  5. Emergency Items – First aid kit (with moleskin); Snake bite kit; Hand sanitizer and Safety pin
  6. Weather Items – Rain gear (poncho); Hat; Trash bag (large); Extra clothing
  7. Comfort Items – Insect repellent; Sunscreen; Sunglasses; Mosquito net head covering
  8. Extra Food (such as nuts, dried fruit, energy bars or jerky)
  9. Extra Water (and a way to purify it just in case you need to drink from natural sources)
  10. Let someone know your itinerary (or leave a note under your car seat) and take your ID. Remember your cell phone may not pick up in the wilderness, and of course, don’t forget the toilet paper (small packs of tissue in a zip-lock bag take up less space or purchase a pack from us)!